Nykaa GLAMOReyes liquid eyeliner review


It’s the rainy season, so what better than reviewing a product that best suits for this weather? For this post, as the title suggests, I will be reviewing the Nykaa GLAMOReyes liquid eyeliner. Priced at Rs. 299, the liner comes in glossy card board box and has a matte body with the bottom representing the colour of the liner. It is available in 7 different shades and the one that I bought is Whimsical Potion.


Shade Name: Whimsical Potion

It’s has a liquid consistency and dries to a glossy finish. The applicator is of comfortable length but the brush is too small and thin. It is well pigmented but the brush does not pick up enough product. You need at least 3-4 swipes to get a nice bold wing meaning you have to do extra mehnat (hard work)!


The liner takes time to dry and is smudge proof, waterproof and long lasting. It stays up to 8 hours and then starts peeling off. It legit sticks to the skin like it has been pasted with glue.


Thin line: 1 stroke, Thick Line: 2 Strokes


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Wetnwild ‘Lights Out’ eye shadow quad review

Hello there readers!

Hope everyone’s doing well! Since college is over now, I am finally back to blogging! I will try to be more regular from now on. In this post I will be reviewing my latest buy Wetnwild eye shadow quad in the shade ‘Lights Out’.

IMG_8773 (2).JPG

The quad has a sleek black framed packaging which is small and compact making it travel friendly. The packaging clearly communicates that the product is cruelty free (rejoice animal lovers!) and the backside has directions as to where to apply each shade. The directions are carved on the shades as well. The quad retails for Rs.300 and comes without a mirror or a brush. The colour icon quad is available in 6 different shades.

IMG_8686 (2)

IMG_8772 (2)

The shades are very well coordinated and are highly pigmented. There’s almost no fallout except the black shimmer shade which has a teeny tiny bit of fall out.
Since my skin is on the oilier side, the eye shadow, after a few hours of application becomes all of one colour. I’d suggest people with oily skin to use a good matte based eye primer for the eye shadow to stay intact. I found the shades difficult to work with. They did not blend very smoothly.

IMG_8682 (2)

1. Well pigmented
2. Negligible fall-out
3. Well coordinated shades
4. Travel friendly
5. Available in 6 different shades
6. Cruelty free

1. No mirror and brush
2. Difficult to blend the shades
3. Primer needed to hold it in place (esp. people with oily lids)
4. Cannot experiment much with one palette

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Sugar smudge me not liquid lipsticks review

Greetings Readers!

Hope your Diwali ki tayyari is going well. As for me, I still have to go and buy an outfit for myself!
For this post, I will be reviewing the Sugar cosmetics smudge me not liquid lipsticks. I purchased two shades of liquid matte and one Vivid matte from Sugars Prive access hence, they cost me around Rs. 360 each (I am a smart buyer, guys).


Packaging and Pricing

The product is priced at Rs.499 for 4.5ml of product which makes it a very affordable option. It is difficult to find a liquid matte of amazing quality at this price in the Indian market. It is available in 20 different shades (I know, tough decisions to make) .
The packaging of the product is BEAUTIFUL! I mean don’t even get me started,  I can go on and on and on and on about it. I’ve spoken about it at great lengths in my review of the eye told you so eyeliner and how it was the very reason I purchased sugar.


My experience

I ordered the shades Tan Fan (don’t get deceived by the name, it’s not tan colour) and Divine Praline (I’m a sucker for bold shades) and boy am I impressed! The consistency of the lipstick is just right and is very well pigmented. Just one swipe and you are good to go!  The application wand is small and the applicator is very flexible and spongy making precise application a cake walk. The lipstick takes about a minute to dry which according to me is a plus point for those who like mixing shades and applying. It dries to a beautiful matte which does not feel heavy at all. It is not very drying. One thing about matte lipsticks drying your lips depends on how well you’ve prepped your lips. It’s important to exfoliate and apply lip balm before applying a matte lipstick to prevent drying and peeling. The lipstick is transfer proof.





Top: Divine Praline; Bottom: Tan Fan

The lipstick has literally survived the test of time! It stays the same for hours together and wears off a bit, mind you, just a ‘bit’ after having a good meal. It can go for 6-8 hours without smudging.
How can I not talk about the fragrance? It has a beautiful fragrance and I couldn’t stop smelling the swatch on my hand. My mom thought I was crazy but you gotta smell it to believe it.


Click here to buy it directly from Sugar Cosmetics website.
Click here to buy it from nykaa.

  1. Affordable
  2. Not very drying
  3. Highly Pigmented
  4. Long wear
  5. Transfer Proof
  6. Soothing Fragrance
  7. A range of shades available


  1. The applicator does not have enough space to come out of the hole making it a messy process.

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Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon Review

Greetings Readers,

In this post, I am going to review the Lakme enrich lip crayons. I know I am late to join the bandwagon but these crayons were such a hit when they were launched that I could not get my hands on them for a long long time. When I finally managed to buy it, I lost it and it feels terrible :/ I am cringing that I lost it and I don’t feel like buying it either. (If you’re feeling bad for me you can send it :p). I borrowed my friends’ lip crayon to click pictures for this review.


The lip crayon retails for Rs.185 and along with it comes a free sharpener. The packaging isn’t anything special. Looks akin a crayon.


The lip crayon in shade cinnamon brown is a beautiful subtle brown shade that glides on smoothly. It has a creamy matte finish and isn’t drying at all. I love the fragrance of the lip crayon.  It has a *poor colour payoff and is barely visible on pigmented lips. Since my lips aren’t pigmented, it gives a very natural look. It starts fading within 2 hours of application and requires regular touch-ups.



One major drawback of any lip crayon is the product wastage on sharpening. It breaks my heart to see so much of the product going into the bin.


  1. Affordable
  2. Free Sharpener
  3. Creamy, Does not dry the lips
  4. Soothing Fragrance
  5. A great option for daily wear


  1. Poorly Pigmented
  2. Does not show on pigmented lips
  3. A lot of product wastage on sharpening
  4. Not for those who are looking for long wear lipsticks

This was my experience with the lip crayon! Tell me how you feel about it in the comments below.

Click here to buy it.

*Please note that I am talking about the shade Cinnamon Brown here and thereby commenting on its pigmentation only and not the other shades in this range.


Faces Magneteyes Kajal Review

Greetings Ladies,

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! Hope you are all doing well and eating a lot of Laddus. Recently, I got my hands on the Faces Magneteyes Kajal and this post is a review of the same.


The product comes in a bright red colored twist pen and is priced at Rs. 175 for 0.35g of product.

Product Claims:

  • Waterproof
  • Smudge proof
  • Lasts All Day

My experience with the product: The kajal goes down in the pen as easily as it twists up. It has a smooth creamy texture making the application soft and comfortable. You have to layer it twice or thrice to get a well defined black line on the lash line. Though it claims to be smudge proof, the product smudges A LOT and looks really shabby, especially if you have oily skin. It lightens a little after application but the remaining kajal stays on for a really long time. Even after you’ve washed your face, until tomorrow, traces are still there. I’ve even experienced itching on the inner corner of my eye on application. I think this varies from person to person.  In all, it isn’t something great or different to ditch your existing Kajal for this.




  1. Smooth application
  2. Affordable
  3. Long Lasting
  4. Twisting Pen


  1. Smudges a lot.
  2. Lightens
  3. Requires layering for a defined line.

That’s about it for this post guys! If you’ve used this, tell me your experience with it in the comments below.

Styling Jutti with Pagrakhi

Hello Ladies,

Procrastinating, sometimes, does wonders. It was during my random procrastination sessions, I found this new brand Pagrakhi that sells really beautiful jutti's at affordable rates. I was convinced I wanted my readers to know about this brand, and here I am with my very first collaboration! So I ordered my favourite pair and now I am going to show you how I styled them.





I've paired a plain white top with a blue and white Kalamkari Skirt and have worn a blue -coloured layered necklace over it. The look is versatile and makes for a great pair to wear at college and stay at the top of your fashion game!


Priced at Rs. 600, the back open jutti is really comfortable to wear. The sole is well-cushioned, not something you usually see in Jutti's, making it a great choice for daily wear. This colourful piece is very versatile and you can wear it with any outfit, ethnic or western, without a second thought. The beautiful embroidery gives this pair a rich look. One drawback is that the absence of rubber at the bottom makes it vulnerable to slippery surfaces. You have to be very careful while walking on slippery grounds.

Here are a few more pictures!







This is fashion without burning a hole in your pocket!

To see how I style it with my western outfits, keep an eye on my Instagram.

All my followers can get their shipping waived off on their purchases for the next 72 hours! Just go to their Instagram page: @pagrakhi, select a design for yourself, DM them with your selected pair and use the code "Pagrakhi". So hurry!!


Thank you Toise, for these pictures! She's an amazing makeup artist too! Check out her page on insta: @toise_thomas

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Sugar eyeliner review

DISCLAIMER: This post is going to be longer than usual because I have a fun story to share!

It’s crazy how one swipe of an eyeliner can change your entire look and decide how your eyes appear and this is why it is really important to find a good and a durable liner. For this post I have decided to review the ‘Eye told you so!’ smudge proof eyeliner in the shade Black Swan-01 by Sugar Cosmetics.

Before I get to the review, I want to share my I-got-really-lucky story about how I got my hands on the Sugar Liner. So I had placed my order for The Big Bang Berry vivid matte lipstick with sugar in May last year.  Around that time Sugar wasn’t as big a brand as it is today and it reckon it maintained a very limited stock. After placing my order, much to my delight, the lipstick stock got over and I received an e-mail that said the order could be delivered only after two months now, that is in July.  With that message, came a deal- They gave me two options:

  1. To cancel my order.
  2. To wait for my order to be delivered in July and select either their Kajal or Liner as a compensation for the delay.

I obviously went for the second option because, number one, I wasn’t in any hurry to recieve the lipstick and number two, WHO DOES NOT LOVE FREE STUFF? In July, 2016 i recieved a ‘Big bang berry’ vivid matte lipstick and an ‘Eye told you so!’ eyeliner just for Rs.549 (549 because 10% off on first order XD)! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Now coming to the review, let’s start with the packaging. To be very honest, packaging was the very reason I decided to buy sugar. I happened to land on it’s website through their online promotions and I loved the packaging so much that i just couldn’t resist- the beautiful graphic print and the sorted website got me! I usually do budget shopping, so buying a lipstick worth Rs.600 isn’t something I would consciouslly do. I did not go through any reviews and blindly placed the order JUST for the packaging. The liner comes in a sleek black container and is air-tight making it travel friendly with an outer digital print cardboard box pack that oozes class. Sugar surely has understood the Jo-dikhta-hai-vo-bikta-hai mantra very well.

It is a highly pigmented, smudgeproof, jet black liquid liner, dries matte within seconds. The consistency of the liquid is just right and moves smoothly onto the eyelids without any clogs or patches. Just one stroke is enough to define the eyes well. It stays for good 5-6 hours (invalidating Sugars’ 24-hour stay claim), if untouched,then starts coming off from the inner corners of the eyes.

One thing that I love about the liner is the applicator. The wand is of just the right length and has a sponge brush that picks the right amout of product. It’s pointed at the end and gradually thickens that makes applying the thinnest and the thickest line a cakewalk. A great option for beginners to go for.

The liner is not waterproof and comes off very easily. You can even rub it off with your finger. If you’re looking for a liner that doesn’t come off easily, then this isn’t for you.


  1. Great Consistency.
  2. Air-tight packaging; hence, does not dry even after a year.
  3. Precise applicator making it great for beginners.
  4. Delivers the quality for price.
  5. Attractive and travel friendly packaging.
  6. Highly pigmented.
  7. Dries quickly.
  8. Smudge-proof


  1. Not waterproof
  2. Does not stand the 24-hour stay claim.
  3. Comes off very easily; You can rub it off with your bare, dry finger only.

This is all about the Sugar ‘Eye told you so’ eyeliner. Do share your views on the review or experience with the liner in the comments below.