Of Whites and Denims

Denim, I believe, is a trend that is evergreen. It suits everyone well, be it a man or a woman, thin or stout, tall or short. When we talk denim, it’s not possible that we don’t talk the colour white. The white and denim combination is like an eternal love saga.


Top- W, Jeans- Flying Machine, Wedges- Rocia

Here I have paired a white top from W with a mid rise slim tapered acid washed jeans from flying machine. I have half tucked in the shirt and left out the remaining half giving it a chic look.  Wearing wedges with jeans is a great way to flaunt those beauties! 😉


Bag- D&D, Bracelet- Street shopping in Delhi, Ring- Australia

I have kept the accessories minimal with a silver metallic cuff bracelet and a white rose shaped ceramic ring on one hand and have left the other hand empty. Keeping it simple yet stylish, I have matched the colour of my bucket bag and wedges. To give it a more formal look a high pony can be sported!

Thank You Samiksha Agarwal for these beautiful clicks! .Tell me how you liked the look in the comments below!

P.S.- For more scoop on fashion check out Samiksha’s blog on samikshaagarwal.blogspot.com


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