A Pop of Colour

I am back after a really long time  (sorry for that) with a pop of colour! I really haven’t snapped out of the summer mood yet and since you can’t predict the weather these days this pretty much makes for a go to outfit for such an unpredictable weather!


Here I have paired a striped black and white tank top with a sea green coloured jeans. To add more colour to the outfit I chose to wear a bright pink cardigan over the top, instantly lifts the mood adding life to the outfit. Since I’d prefer wearing something like this to college or for shopping I chose to wear flat sandals very much in sync with the outfit.



For the hair I have tied a messy top-knot bun which was perfect considering the mood of the outfit and for the accessories I have worn a simple chain with a funky locket attached and, oh yes, my star studded ear ! 😉

Here are a few more pictures giving a closer look!




This, because my friends say I have the perfect pout and also gives a closer look of the chain!

Do tell me how you liked the look in the comments below. 🙂

If you’re experimenting with colour then do tag me in your pictures on Instagram: @disha_towardsthefashionworld .Show me how you colour the town !

Until next time! Hope you have a colourful week ahead!


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