Versatile Denim-Part 2

Hello peeps!

I’m back with the second part of versatile denim! While the previous look covered the comfortable part, this will show sexy side of denim.


Here I have paired a disney printed crop top (how cute do those mickey’s look?) with my skinny denim jeans. The top has oval shaped cuts on the shoulders with short sleeves and has the right amount of length (I was searching for something like this since agessss). I paired this with coral coloured loafers making the outfit an ideal choice for a brunch as well as a fun day out.


Adding a pinch of hip-hop touch to this look is this metal waist chain and to complete the look I wore this multi-stranded bracelet in one hand and I was good to go! This outfit has the right amounts of sexy, punk and comfy look to it making it an ideal choice for ANY occasion.

Until next time guys! Tell me how you liked the look in the comments below.


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