Versatile Denim- Part 3

When in doubt, wear Denim!

That’s exactly how I ended up creating this look! The top has speckles of metallic on it and I badly wanted to pair it with a metallic jeans but I also wanted to wear it asap! Now that I wasn’t able to buy myself a metallic jeans(no time) and I just couldn’t wait to try on the top, I wore it with my evergreen skinny jeans! The result is for you to see:


Here I have paired  a sky blue coloures flared top having metallic speckles around the neck with my denim jeans.



To keep the look very much in sync with the current metallic trend I have worn a metallic cuff bracelet and a metal watch embellished with stones. For the neck I have worn a multi layered chain in darker shades of blue to uplift the mood of the outfit.






 Thank you for these amazing clicks Smridhi😘




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