What’s trending?

For this week’s post I decided to put in place everything’s that trending and is a rage in the vogue nation! I’ll be posting pictures of my favourite looks by top bloggers slaying the trend! Read on to find out what they are.

1. Fishnet Tights

This trend spread like wild fire man! I love how you can pair these with just ANYTHING and slay!


Santoshi Shetty
2. Corset belts


These help you add the style quotient to an otherwise boring outfit!


Juhi Godambe
The KN Clan
3. Off-shoulders


Off-Shoulders have been a rage for quite some time now and I don’t see the trend dying anytime soon!


4. Shirt Dresses


They’re stylish, super comfortable and complement all body types! They’re a wardrobe staple!


5. Army prints/ Khakee Colour


Now this is a trend that I’m personally in love with. There’s so much to experiment with this!


Miss Style Fiesta



Caught in a cuff
6. Sneakers


They give you comfort and add the required style statement ! What else do you need?


Gia Says That

7. Nerdy Glasses


Getting the 80’s back, these glasses are sure to make heads turn!


The Snob Journal
That Boho Girl
8. Bell sleeves


I just love the feel of bell sleeves! I’d let the pictures do the talking for these!


The KN Clan

9. Transparent Strapped footwear


Classy is the word for these! Pair them with just about anything and add the class to any basic outfit. These can literally save the day!


The Snob Journal

10. Patch work/ Thread work

These look super cute and you can do a lot of experiments with these! Grab an old pair of jeans, do embroidery on it, or just stitch a patch of mickey on it and give it a whole new look!


That Boho Girl
Juhi Godambe

That’s about it from my side! If there’s anything that you’d like to add, do it in the comments below! 


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