Coloréssence Kajal Review

Coloréssence Kajal Review

Hello everyone!

Kajal is a must have and your go-to makeup to brighten up an otherwise dull face. We are so obsessed with it that not wearing it for one day makes people wonder if something’s seriously wrong with us! While searching for an affordable kajal that I can use for daily wear I stumbled upon this Kajal Pencil by coloressence.  In this post, I will be reviewing the Coloressence Kajal Pencil. I have been using it since a while now and will give you an account of what I feel about the product.

Priced at Rs.145, this Kajal Pencil is enriched with the goodness of Ayurvedic formula, hence making it suitable for everyone to use. It has a square shaped body which makes it very convenient to hold and glide on to the eyes. It has a really soft stroke and has a cooling effect. It gives a thick dark stroke in a single swipe helping you define your eyes well.

The thick black stroke.
However, the Kajal has failed to impress me as it does not stay for long and smudges within minutes of application making your eyes look extremely shabby. Kajal smears all around your eyes and you will see dark circles under your eyes. In my opinion, it isn’t worth spending your money on.

Not even been 10 minutes and this is the case

  1. Extremely smooth and gives a thick black stroke.
  2. Affordable.
  3. Suitable for everyone since it has an ayurvedic formula.
  4. Glide on once and you are good to go.


  1. Smudges within minutes making face look shabby.
  2. Does not stay for more than 1-2 hours.

I have a number of reviews lined up for you guys. Stay tuned!

Until next time 🙂

My favourite matte M.A.C. Lipsticks

Hey guys!! M.A.C. is on Nyka and I couldn’t be more excitedddd! I’m a sucker for lipsticks, especially bold matte shades! Now that M.A.C. is on nyka I’ve put together 15 shades out of 30-ish shades of matte lipsticks suitable for the Indian skin tone(’twas a tough time selecting these)! I’m not a fan of orange lipsticks or lipsticks with orange undertones, so you won’t find any lipstick with an orange pigmentation in this list. I’ve carefully selected them going through innumerable swatch videos of each lipstick available on nyka to make sure that every lipstick I mention here complements the Indian skin tone well.

1. Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo.jpg








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2. Runway Hit


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3. Chili


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4. Whirl


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5. Pink Pigeon


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6.Steady Going


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7. Diva


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8. Taupe


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9. Instigator


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10. Sin


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11. Russian Red


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12. Please me


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13. Smoked Purple


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14. Studded Kiss


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15. Honey Love


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16. Viva Glam 1


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So this ends my list! Hope you liked the post 🙂

P.S.- Looks like a few of them aren’t available on Nyka at the moment. Add it to your wishlist or leave your e-mail for nyka to notify you!

Printed Jeans

Printed Jeans

Hello Guys! Hope you’re all doing well 🙂 With this post I’m back with styling printed jeans in 2 different ways which are not your regular plain-top-on-printed-jeans combination.

Look 1

For the first look I’ve worn a white coloured, full-sleeved, high-low crochet top that gives a crop top look from the front with my black and red printed jeans. Keeping the accessories minimal, I have worn a heavy multi-stone statement neck piece pretty much matchy matchy with the colour of the jeans and tied my hair in a cute half top-knot bun.

To complete the look I’ve worn these closed toe black sandals that add a very elegant touch to the whole look.


Neck Piece: Durga Gold & Silver, M.G. Road, Secunderabad
You can alternatively wear a coloured tube (Maroon in this case) to accentuate the look.


Look 2

For this look I’ve paired the jeans with a printed (Yes!!It’s print on print!), sleeveless, turtle neck (Winter’s just round the corner guys!) woolen top.

To keep the attention on the outfit, I haven’t worn any accessories  (Since it’s about styling the jeans in a different way, soo…) and completing the look are my staple black wedges from catwalk!




Tell me how you liked the look in the comments below !

Thank you Bilquis Vali for these amazing pictures!

Until next time!



Versatile Denim- Part 3

When in doubt, wear Denim!

That’s exactly how I ended up creating this look! The top has speckles of metallic on it and I badly wanted to pair it with a metallic jeans but I also wanted to wear it asap! Now that I wasn’t able to buy myself a metallic jeans(no time) and I just couldn’t wait to try on the top, I wore it with my evergreen skinny jeans! The result is for you to see:


Here I have paired  a sky blue coloures flared top having metallic speckles around the neck with my denim jeans.



To keep the look very much in sync with the current metallic trend I have worn a metallic cuff bracelet and a metal watch embellished with stones. For the neck I have worn a multi layered chain in darker shades of blue to uplift the mood of the outfit.






 Thank you for these amazing clicks Smridhi😘



Versatile Denim-Part 2

Hello peeps!

I’m back with the second part of versatile denim! While the previous look covered the comfortable part, this will show sexy side of denim.


Here I have paired a disney printed crop top (how cute do those mickey’s look?) with my skinny denim jeans. The top has oval shaped cuts on the shoulders with short sleeves and has the right amount of length (I was searching for something like this since agessss). I paired this with coral coloured loafers making the outfit an ideal choice for a brunch as well as a fun day out.


Adding a pinch of hip-hop touch to this look is this metal waist chain and to complete the look I wore this multi-stranded bracelet in one hand and I was good to go! This outfit has the right amounts of sexy, punk and comfy look to it making it an ideal choice for ANY occasion.

Until next time guys! Tell me how you liked the look in the comments below.

Versatile Denim-Part 1

Versatile Denim-Part 1

“The beauty of denim is its versatility- you can feel both comfortable and sexy”

I have said this earlier and I’m saying it again , Denim, I believe, is a trend that is evergreen. I have created 4 different looks with the same denim jeans to show how versatile it is and how it can be worn very conveniently just anywhere. To not make it look boring I have decided to write about it in 4 different parts.

Kurta- Siyahi (Reliance Trends) , Jeans- Kraus, Wedges- Catwalk

For this look, I have paired my skin fit denim jeans with a kalamkari print kurta. One thing that I really loveeeee about the kurta is that it has a POCKET!! *punches in the air* This combination can be worn to college, for a little event in your residential society, for shopping, to the office etc.


Since I wanted to add a touch of boho, inspiration being thatbohogirl, I made a middle parting and twisted my hair from both the sides and secured them with bobby pins at the back. For the accessories I have worn a spiral bracelet and a metallic ring with some antique carvings on it. So here you are with a very comfy boho chic look.

P.S.- The occasions  that I’ve mentioned above are only for the outfit not considering the hair and accessory styling. Hair and accessory would vary according to the occasion.

Tell me how you liked the look in comments below. Share it if you liked it! Until next time 🙂



A Pop of Colour

I am back after a really long time  (sorry for that) with a pop of colour! I really haven’t snapped out of the summer mood yet and since you can’t predict the weather these days this pretty much makes for a go to outfit for such an unpredictable weather!


Here I have paired a striped black and white tank top with a sea green coloured jeans. To add more colour to the outfit I chose to wear a bright pink cardigan over the top, instantly lifts the mood adding life to the outfit. Since I’d prefer wearing something like this to college or for shopping I chose to wear flat sandals very much in sync with the outfit.



For the hair I have tied a messy top-knot bun which was perfect considering the mood of the outfit and for the accessories I have worn a simple chain with a funky locket attached and, oh yes, my star studded ear ! 😉

Here are a few more pictures giving a closer look!




This, because my friends say I have the perfect pout and also gives a closer look of the chain!

Do tell me how you liked the look in the comments below. 🙂

If you’re experimenting with colour then do tag me in your pictures on Instagram: @disha_towardsthefashionworld .Show me how you colour the town ! 

Until next time! Hope you have a colourful week ahead!